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July 21, 2008


Dear Table Innovations Inc.,

Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown, MA provides educational services for infants and toddlers who are visually impaired and sometimes multiply handicapped.  Many of these young children benefit from the use of  sensory exploration play spaces patterned after the “Little Rooms” and “Resonance Boards” developed by Lilli Nielson.  Within these box-like structures children learn to initiate exploration of their surroundings and develop spatial relationships as they reach for nearby textured materials.  Sounds are amplified in these spaces, and movements on the board cause vibrations so that the total sensory experience is rich and stimulating.

Unfortunately the commercially available versions of these learning materials are prohibitively expensive.  Variations of these items can be custom-made, but not all families have access to these resources.

The Site of Senses (SOS) Project, a collaboration between Table Innovations, Inc. and the Kiwanis Clubs, is an exciting initiative enabling families to get sensory play space equipment free of charge.  The room-like structures made by Table Innovations are sturdy, spacious, durable and well made.  The vibrating base boards fold and have a nice lip around the outside to keep the play spaces in place. In addition to the play space and resonance board, Site of Senses provides a starter kit of sensory materials to hang inside the space.  One of the Perkins teachers of the visually impaired has been using the SOS equipment with a young child on Cape Cod.  This toddler is reaching out more and making more sounds since using this equipment.  

Table Innovations has actively sought feedback about children with disabilities and about the features of their products.  They are working to refine their materials to make them lighter and easier to assemble.  Thank you Table Innovations and Kiwanis for making the commitment to providing these amazing learning materials for children with complex disabilities!




Molly Campbell, MS OTR/L, ATP

Occupational Therapist

Director Assistive Device Center