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founded 2007 by Table Inovations, Inc.

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Our Newest Learning Device - the Wall of Senses



Wall Of Senses (WOS)

The Model WOS is designed to support the Active Learning instruction process for blind/vision impaired, and children with multiple disabilities.

 The goal of the WOS Project is to make specialized active learning equipment that is appropriate for the developmental stages of body-space concepts available to children.  The WOS is a tool that complements and expands the success a child experiences using the Site Of Senses (SOS) active learning environment.  The WOS assists a child to reach off body for toys.  Its small defined space also facilitates the development of spatial and orientation skills.  It is a tool that provides non-visual motivation for the child without vision as well as visual motivation for the child with low vision.   

The WOS is designed to facilitate development in the areas of

•       cognitive mapping,

•       object permanence,

•       gross and fine motor movement, and;

•       social skills.

The WOS can be designed and personalized for individual children’s needs by offering age appropriate and motivating toys perfect for them.