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founded 2007 by Table Innovations, Inc.

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•    The Active Learning Process was created by Dr. Lilli Nielsen of Denmark, an expert in the education of visually impaired and multi-handicapped children

•    Dr. Nielsen’s “ Little Room “ and “ Resonance Board “ provide the proper environment for Active Learning practice

•    The Site Of Senses and Vibration Base provide an improved environment with the added features of a folded design for portability and minimum storage space required, set-up time reduced to under 5 minutes and an affordable cost

•    The SOS Kit includes a 15 piece starter sensory “toy” kit so practice can begin immediately

•    All Site Of Senses equipment is warranted for 3 years

The Home Partners Respite Center

The Charity believes this is an opportunity for Parents/Caregivers to obtain care from licensed, trained and monitored providers that is completely directed by them. The Center’s operational procedures ensure they have complete control of their child’s care.


Our Latest Charity Service - The Home Partners Respite Center


Our Newest Learning Device - the Wall of Senses

The mission of the Site Of Senses Public Charity is to make available special learning equipment to blind/vision impaired, severely multi-handicapped children. The Charity determined that not all of the donated equipment was being utilized as required to achieve learning improvement. Further investigation indicated that the never ending stress of caring for these children not only resulted in lack of equipment use, but also increased serious illness and family difficulties for the parents/caregivers. It is clear that to care for the children they needed to include the Caregivers, by reducing this stress.

The Home Partners Respite Center was created for this purpose.

The Center is specifically oriented toward the care of severely multi-handicapped children. While all multi-handicapped children need respite care, the Center's resources are limited making it necessary to focus on the severely challenged.

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